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BlocPower interviewed at the New York Stock Exchange!
Neda Arabshahi         Mar 03, 2017

On Monday we announced the launch of our new crowdfunding site BlocPower Marketplace during an interview with Cheddar, a new media company founded by former BuzzFeed president Jon Steinberg.

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BlocPower's co-founders, Donnel Baird, and Morris Cox, visited the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Monday to chat about our company with Cheddar anchors Kristen Scholer and Kori Hale on the Closing Bell.

During the interview, Morris and Donnel discussed why supporting green building retrofits on our new Marketplace site is so important. On Marketplace, anyone can directly fund a range of different shovel-ready green building retrofit projects. Morris went on to explain, "there are about five million small commercial building owners throughout the U.S. that don't have access to the engineering that would get them energy efficiency savings from their buildings. They also don't have access to the necessary capital. So we bring both of those two things into one place on our Marketplace and provide opportunities for folks to lower their energy bills, improve indoor air quality, and to create jobs locally."

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If you're concerned about climate change, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, by directly contributing to a green building retrofit project on Marketplace. You can also improve public health conditions for low-income communities on BlocPower's Marketplace through a fund focused on combating childhood asthma in the Bronx through building retrofits that will improve indoor air quality.

Watch the full #cheddarlive interview here.