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Behind the Scenes: Working as a Data Scientist at BlocPower
Neda Arabshahi         Mar 06, 2017

I am truly excited and honored to be a data scientist at BlocPower. BlocPower offers me the chance to work in the most exciting job in the 21st century. In my role at BlocPower, I implement data analytics, machine learning and big data to solve building science and energy challenges.

I earned my undergraduate degree in mathematics from Tsinghua University, the best college in China, and my Master’s degree from NYU CUSP (Center for Urban Science and Progress) focusing on applying data science to solve urban issues. One of my teaching assistants at NYU recommended me to BlocPower and I realized that what this startup is doing is very closely related to what I learnt at school! I was solving differential equations for thermodynamic systems, which requires knowledge from my math background; also I was making data-driven models on city-level energy efficiency prediction, which requires expertise on machine learning algorithms. It a great pleasure to apply what I learnt in class to real issues in life.


What I appreciate most, and what is most unique about our work, is that we are actually re-defining building science. We have innovated beyond the original engineering-dominated aspect of thinking about buildings. Data analytics and machine learning are planted into engineering models to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of how a building operates. For example, we are now establishing a building heating system built on an IoT (Internet of Things) framework. A combination of machine learning and traditional thermodynamic equations is utilized to build the model. I’m proud to be part of the team at BlocPower, knowing that my work directly helps low-to-moderate-income building owners lower their buildings' energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

-Boya Yu, Data Scientist, BlocPower