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We Can Help Building Owners Lower Bills Today!
Neda Arabshahi         Jul 11, 2017

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BlocMaps is finally in the hands of the New York City residents who need it most, and our customers are ready to save money on their building gas, heating oil, and electric bills. This week, the BlocPower team deployed BlocMaps in the field for a long-time resident of Brooklyn. With the power of our predictive energy consumption model at her fingertips, our customer was able to visualize her building’s performance and better understand her energy needs.

Our BlocPower customer owns an 8-unit, 9,000 square-foot multifamily home in Brooklyn. The building, originally constructed in 1910, presents an array of energy and comfort issues, includes drafts, resulting from gaps in the building envelope and uneven heating throughout the building. In addition, our customer is hit with a $9,000 annual oil bill for space heating. The building’s inefficiency became the new normal for her, not because of lack of will, but because she had difficulty determining where to start.

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BlocMaps provided a quick way to determine a starting- point for creating an energy efficient building for our customer. From BlocMaps, we could immediately see that her building is 30% less efficient than buildings of a similar size. Reconciling this lack of efficiency with her building’s relatively high cost for space heating, we gained quick insight and were able to present solutions to her problem:

First, the old and inefficient oil-burning steam boiler needs to be replaced with a new energy efficient one. We also recommended an oil-to-gas conversion to accommodate a more efficient natural gas burning boiler.

Second, we were able to recommend weatherstripping around doors and windows as a way to reduce drafts, heat loss, and wasted energy.

BlocMaps allowed us to integrate city data and onsite observations and conversations to provide solutions in real time. This mapping tool gave our customer a jumping-off point to catapult her building into a greener future. She was overjoyed by the possibility of making energy efficient upgrades to her building and reducing costs. “I think God sent you down here to help me out!” exclaimed the customer as our team provided her with solutions.

BlocMaps is bridging the information gap for our customers by providing them with energy technology, and we are excited to further deploy this product throughout Brooklyn. Email us to learn more: